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Thursday, September 23

*All times in Central Daylight Time U.S. (UTC -5)

Session A: New Normal - The Global Need for People-centeredness

8:00 am
  • Carlos AYRES, President, WFC
  • Richard BROWN, Secretary-General, WFC

Transforming Clinical Care Through a Person-Centered Research Approach
Nakela COOK, Executive Director, PCORI (USA)

9:00 AM
Plenary Presentation

Chiropractic’s Role in Community Healthcare: the Hands On Health Experience
Joan VAN ROTTERDAM, Chair, Hands on Health (Australia)

Kindness is a Blockbuster Drug!
Jeremy HOWICK, Oxford Empathy Programme, University of Oxford (UK)

Universal Health Coverage: Serving the Underserved
Mufudzi CHIHAMBAKWE, Spine Health Africa (Botswana)
Steven PASSMORE, Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management University of Manitoba (Canada)

10:00 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

Session B: New Normal - Many Faces, One Voice - DEI in Action

10:40 AM
Panel Discussion
  • Jamiu BUSARI (Chair), Dean, Horatio Oduber Hospital (Aruba)
  • Micheala EDWARDS, President, American Black Chiropractors Association (USA)
  • Philippa OAKLEY, British Chiropractic Association (United Kingdom)
  • David PEEACE, Past Chair, Canadian Chiropractic Association (Canada)
  • Ranen RAMBRIJ, Private Practice (United Arab Emirates)
11:40 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

12:00 PM

Research Platforms I
Chair: Marc-André BLANCHETTE, University of Quebec at Trois Rivieres (Canada)

  • James WHEDONUtilization of chiropractic care reduces use of prescription opioids among older medicare beneficiaries with spinal pain
  • Matthew FERNANDEZGLA:D Back Australia: a feasibility study for implementation
  • Joshua PLENERNonoperative treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication. An updated systematic review
  • Craig MOORE The impact and public health response of chiropractors to the COVID-19 pandemic: A survey across four continents
  • Alan JENKS Spinal manipulative therapy in older adults with chronic low back pain: An individual participant data meta-analysis
  • Michele MAIERS Association between psychosocial parameters and response to chiropractic care among older adults with chronic back pain

Research Platforms II
Chair: Sidney RUBINSTEIN, Assoc. Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Kris ANDERSON – Best practices for chiropractic management of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a clinical practice guideline
  • Felipe DUARTE – Impulse attenuates nociception and oxidative stress in the spinal cord and sciatic nerve of a rat model of neuropathic pain
  • Lise HESTBAEK – Effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation versus sham manipulation for recurrent headaches in children aged 7-14 years. A randomised clinical trial.
  • Hazel JENKINSThe association between guideline adherent radiographic imaging by chiropractic students and the diagnostic yield of clinically significant findings
  • Katherine POHLMAN – Active versus passive surveillance adverse event reporting in a pediatric chiropractic care setting: a cluster randomized controlled trial
  • Michael SCHNEIDER – Risk Factors Associated with Transition from Acute to Chronic Low Back Pain in US Patients Seeking Primary Care
  • Patricia TAVARES – Distance management of spinal disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: evidence-based guides from the Global Spine Care Initiative

Essential Pain Science for Chiropractors

  • Romy PARKER, Dept. Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, University of Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Demetry ASSIMAKOPOULOS, Clinical Coordinator, Comprehensive Integrated Pain Program, University of Toronto (Canada)

Chiropractors as Public Health Advocates

  • Claire JOHNSON, Chair, WFC Public Health Committee (USA)
  • Rebekah WILKS, World Spine Day Committee (USA)
  • Yi Kai WONG, Chiropractic Programme Director, International Medical University (Malaysia)
1:00 PM

Research Platforms III
Chair: Katie POHLMAN, Director of Research, Parker University (USA)

  • Casper NIM – The temporal stability of self-reported back pain trajectories
  • Lyndon AMORIN-WOODS – The role of chiropractic care in providing health promotion and clinical preventive services for adult
    patients with musculoskeletal pain
  • Felipe DUARTEShort-term effects of spinal manipulation with different force-magnitudes on blood biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation: A pilot study
  • Stephanie ALEXOPULOS – Tracking clinical care among patients with chronic low back pain: the utility of performance-based
    measures of physical function and impairment
  • Carol Ann WEIS – Best practices recommendations for chiropractic care for pregnant and postpartum patients: results of a consensus process
  • Anna-Mar ie ZIEGLER – Learning the neurobiology of pain: A scoping review of pain education from an instructional design

Research Platforms IV
Chair: Michael SCHNEIDER, University of Pittsburgh (USA)

  • Dorthe Schoeler ZIEGLER – Inequality in the treatment of disc herniation? Socio-demographic characteristics of patients
    undergoing first-time, single-level, simple lumbar discectomy
  • Hazel JENKINS – The effects of diagnostic imaging on clinical outcomes in low back pain patients presenting for chiropractic care: matched observational study
  • Elisa DUBUC – Chiropractic techniques and treatment modalities included in academic programs: a survey of accredited chiropractic colleges
  • Andrew ROMANELLI – GLA:D® at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College: a description of implementation and participant outcomes
  • Maliheh HADIZADEH – Identifying predictors of the timing of successful low back pain treatment response: A secondary RCT
  • Lindsay GORRELL – Kinematics of the head and associated vertebral artery strains during the thrust phase of high-velocity, low-amplitude cervical spine manipulation

Emerging Themes in Functional Neurology

  • Matthew ANTONUCCI, Plasticity Brain Centers, Florida (USA)
  • Igor DIJKERS, Chair, European Academy of Chiropractic (Netherlands)

The Role of Telehealth in the New Normal

  • Bart GREEN, Stanford Health Care, California (USA)
  • Scott HALDEMAN, World Spine Care (USA)

FRIday, September 24

*All times in Central Daylight Time U.S. (UTC -5)

Session C: Chiropractors as Global Team Players

8:00 am

There and Back Again: An Overview of Biopsychosocial Approaches for Spine Pain
Steven GEORGE, Director of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Duke University (USA)

8:40 AM
Plenary Presentation

Now More Than Ever: A Global Strategy of Musculoskeletal Health
Andrew BRIGGS, Curtin University, Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (Australia)
Deborah KOPANSKY-GILES, Unity Health Care, University of Toronto, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (Canada)

Chiropractors Within the National Sports Care Framework

Interprofessional Care: Only Team Players Need Apply
Anthony LISI, Chiropractic Program Director, Veterans Health Administration (USA)

9:40 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

Session D: Seeking Unity Through Collaboration

10:00 AM
Panel Discussion
  • William MORGAN (Chair), President Parker University (USA)
  • Martin CAMARA, President, Association of Professional Chiropractors of the Philippines (Philippines)
  • Selina SIGAFOOSE-JACKSON, Chair, International Chiropractors Association (USA)
  • Hayden THOMAS, President New Zealand Chiropractors Association (New Zealand)
  • Debbie WRIGHT, Chair, Canadian Chiropractic Association (Canada)
11:00 AM
Plenary Presentation
  • Richard BROWN, WFC Secretary-General (United Kingdom)
  • David CHAPMAN-SMITH, Past WFC Secretary-General (Canada)
11:40 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

12:00 PM

Research Platforms V
Chair: Keseri PADAYACHY, Durban University of Technology (South Africa)

  • Casper NIM – The need for specificity when applying spinal manipulation: Myth or reality? A systematic review
  • Annemarie DE ZOETE – Exercise for treatment of acute non-specific low back pain: update of the Cochrane review
  • Morgan PRICE – Systematic review of guideline-recommended medications prescribed for treatment of mechanical low back pain
  • Aurelie MARCHAND – Entrustable professional activities; the next step in competency-based education? Five EPAs in chiropractic paediatric education
  • Katherine POHLMAN – Supporting a culture of transparency and trust — results of an active surveillance reporting system from spinal manipulation therapy providers
  • Jesper HJERSTRAND – The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: Patient experience of maintenance care — a qualitative study

Research Platforms VI
Chair: Sheng Hui KIOH, International Medical University (Malaysia)

  • Christian MANANSALA – Predictors of non-pharmacological, non-surgical treatment utilization prior to thoracolumbar spine surgery in Manitoba: A Canadian Spine Outcomes Research Network study
  • Andreas EKLUND – Maintain, a short clinical instrument for the identification of dysfunctional patients suitable for Maintenance Care
  • Christine GOERTZ – Managing pain better: strategies to advance integrated pain management programs
  • Peter EMARY – Quality of reporting in chiropractic mixed methods research: a methodological review
  • Anneke VERBEECK – Spinal manipulative therapy for acute and subacute low back pain: update of the Cochrane review
  • Stacie SALSBURY – Adapting a clinical trial protocol to support virtual chiropractic care delivery and research: planning responses to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic

Black, White and Shades of Gray: A Contemporary Approach to Chiropractic Imaging

  • Marshall DELTOFF, Chiropractic Radiologist, Barcelona College of Chiropractic (Spain)
  • Cliff TAO, Chiropractic Radiologist (USA)

Chiropractic Regulation: Through Covid-19 and Beyond

  • Tim COOPER (Chair ), New Zealand Chiropractic Board (New Zealand)
  • Nick JONES, Chief Executive & Registrar , General Chiropractic Council (United Kingdom)
  • Wayne MINTER, Chair, Chiropractic Board of Australia (Australia)
  • Leonard WONG, Hong Kong Chiropractors Council (Hong Kong)
  • Chris YELVERTON, Chair, Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (South Africa)
1:00 PM

Research Platforms VII
Chair: Dana LAWRENCE, Parker University (USA)

  • Simon WANG – Discomfort, pain and stiffness: what do these terms mean to patients? A cross-sectional survey with lexical and qualitative analysis
  • Anke LANGENFELD – Back muscle perfusion and oxygenation during isometric back muscle exercise in patients with chronic low back pain: A cross-sectional study
  • Marc-André BLANCHETTE – The association between characteristics of Danish chiropractors and number of referred patients from general practitioners? A cross-sectional study
  • Melissa NEAVE – Characteristics of chiropractic paediatric practice: secondary analysis of the COAST and O-COAST
  • Michelle HOLMES – Doing our best for patient safety: a qualitative analysis of provider perspectives from community-based settings offering spinal manipulative therapy
  • Stephen PERLE – Evaluation of United States chiropractic professional subgroups: a survey of randomly sampled chiropractors

Research Platforms VIII
Chair: Stacie SALSBURY, Palmer College of Chiropractic (USA)

  • Brian COLEMAN – Patterns of low back pain visits by patients receiving on-station healthcare in the Veterans Health Administration
  • Jacqueline RIX – Usability Testing as an Aid to Design a Person-Centred Randomised Clinical Trial
  • Robert WALLACE – Benefits and challenges of going virtual: the future of research and clinical approaches to musculoskeletal care in US military Veterans
  • William BRANN – The effectiveness of cervical spine manipulation on neck muscle activity, force output, pain and disability in participants with cervicogenic headache
  • Brian GLEBERZON – The current and future status of the chiropractic profession: A thematic analysis of interviews of 30 influential stakeholders
  • Anthony LISI – Assessing mechanisms of chiropractic care delivery in the US Veterans Health Administration

Pediatric Care in Chiropractic: Evaluating the Evidence

  • Lise HESTBAEK, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
  • Katie POHLMAN, Director of Research, Parker University (USA)
  • Anna PAPADOPOULOU, Private Practice, Nicosia (Cyprus)

Unlocking the Mysteries of the TMJ

  • Alex VIDAN, Private Practice, St. Louis (USA)

Saturday, September 25

*All times in Central Daylight Time U.S. (UTC -5)

Session E: Adapting Healthcare to a New Normal

8:00 AM
Plenary Presentation

Gen Z: How Digital Natives Are Moving the Needle in Chiropractic
Wren BURTON, Osher Centre for Integrated Health (USA)

The WHO Global Transformation and Key Lessons from COVID-19
Meri ROBINSON NICOL, Unit Head, Process Efficiency Unit, World Health Organization

Adding Life to Years: Chiropractic’s Contribution to Healthy Ageing
Katie DE LUCA, Macquarie University (Australia)

9:00 am

Why the Decade of Healthy Ageing is Important For Us All
Yuka SUMI, Ageing and Health Unit, World Health Organization

9:40 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

Session F: The Future in Our Hands

10:20 AM
Plenary Presentation

Knowledge Transfer in Chiropractic: Power, Advancement, Currency
Shawn THISTLE, RRS Education (Canada)

10:40 AM
Panel Discussion
  • Clay McDONALD (Chair), President, Logan University, Missouri (USA)
  • Keiron BOOSI, Director External Affairs, WCCS (South Africa)
  • Anthony COXON, President, Australian Chiropractors Association (Australia)
  • Alison DANTAS, CEO, Canadian Chiropractic Association (Canada)
  • Lone KOUSGAARD JORGENSEN, President, Danish Chiropractic Association (Denmark)
11:40 am

Refreshment break, trade exhibition, and digital poster viewing

Session G: WFC Research Awards - The Voices Of Science

12:00 PM
Research Awards

Christine GOERTZ, Chair, WFC Research Committee

  • Scott Haldeman Award for Outstanding Research
  • NCMIC Louis Sportelli Research Award (First Prize)
  • NCMIC Louis Sportelli Research Award (Second Prize)
  • Early Investigator Award
  • WFC IBCE Poster Awards
12:50 PM

Michele MAIERS, President, American Chiropractic Association (USA)

1:20 PM
1:25 PM
Closing Remarks
1:45 PM
End of Congress

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